About Always Chum

Always Chum is a carbon based life form found around the coffee shops and parks of Melbourne Metro. She has brown hair and eyes and has dreams about The Doctor taking her across the stars.

This blog has been started as part of her 2014 Action Plan to herself to write more and achieve her goals. With that in mind she decided to start early.

The 2014 Action Plan, is really a list of new years resolutions. Always Chum refrains from using the phrase ‘new year resolution’ as she believes that it provides precedence to automatically fail to achieve them beyond the end of January. The first month doesn’t count.

So here is what she has come up with so far:

1. Establish a physical fitness plan including no more buying coffee, lunch and take-outs. She is quite quickly approaching 30 and believes it about jolly time she started acting remotely like a grown up. Plus she spends a ridiculous amount of dollars on food and spends way too much time watching Doctor Who re-runs.

2. The above should help in the second goal, of producing some sign of savings as she fulfils her life long dream of going to New York in August. Said dream will require monetary support for accommodations and food, not to mention the ticket.

3. The third goal, is to focus on her writing. For example, starting a new blog (hello!). She will also continue to practice her calligraphy and composition of poems some of which may appear here.

That is all she has come up with so far. Boring, we know but hey we got 365 days of the year to come up with new ideas, challenges and goals.


Thanks for reading! What did you think?

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