Twenty random things about AlwaysChum

1. She has climbed Arthurs Seat in Australia and Scotland.

2. She has lived in Melbourne, Australia for ten years.

3. When she was at school she lived on rainbow brownies and spear mint polo’s.

4. Her favourite childhood cartoon was Garfield.

5. She is fascinated by vampires.

6. She once owned a red Ford Capri.

7. She hates mushrooms.

8. Her favourite book is Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice

9. She recently found a new love in Chicken & Prawn Dumplings.

10. She has read Harry Potter more than 3 times each (every book).

11. She loves afternoon naps in Winter.

12. Her favourite show is Doctor Who and Vampire Diaries.

13. She likes walking… but not to far coz her feet get tired easily.

14. She has two canine siblings that live at her parents; Ollie & Jasper.

15. She has had six dogs and three cats over the 28 years she’s been on planet earth.

16. She grew up in a small town and her favourite place in the world is the woods behind her childhood home.

17. She really likes Friday night drinks with friends.

18. She loves to write poetry and be creative.

19. She is finding this challenge quite difficult.

20. She wishes she was as caring, thoughtful and clever as Ellen Degeneres. 

Wow that was hard! Brain like mush… must go rejoin in Christmas eve frivolity.



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