Where is your Oz?

We all know the tale of little young Dorothy who escaped the grey desolate reality of Kansas and was swept away by the adventures in Oz. For those who don’t know, where have you been hiding and here check it out http://youtu.be/vkZcYMy85lY – I’d say rent the DVD but video stores seem to be akin to finding rare diamonds these days.

Oz, in a nutshell, is this marvellous place full of singing munchkins and flying monkeys. Friends can be found in witches (the good ones), scare crows, tin men, and even lions. And if that wasn’t enough  Oz has yellow brick roads leading the way to the Emerald city. It is a magical place full of adventure and where dreams come true. 

AC went back to work today and most of it was day dreaming about Oz, her kind of Oz. It’s not to be mistaken with Aus (the abbreviation of Australia), although to an extent Aus is her Oz because it is a vast amazing country that AC has called home for a decade and there is no place on earth she’d rather be.

Unless, there were a place with yellow brick roads and purple skies. She would imagine a cottage with a white picket fence sat beside a lake full of majestic swans. The gardens would be filled with roses of all the colours in the rainbow. Yellow tulips would hang from baskets and orchids would sprout from vases on the glass table.  She would have a two puppies asleep on the porch and a kitty cat lounging from the window. She would spend her days baking cookies and writing poetry, and wouldn’t have to deal with any stress whatsoever. It would be a place of happiness and the currency would be made in lollipops and other assorted candy. 

There are so many possibilities… tell us what your Oz would look like?


Thanks for reading! What did you think?

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