DP: Expectations

Expectation… a strong sense that something will happen.

When I wake up in the morning. I expect the sun to be shining through my window. I expect there to be a tram about 8am. I expect that the coffee shop will have my favourite bagel. I expect to have work on my desk. I expect to see certain people. I expect…

One day when it was raining and I mean really raining the tram that I expected to turn the corner on to the long narrow Miller Street decided to terminate at the depot. Although my house was 2 stops and a 10 minute walk – it was raining. So I pulled out my sleek black iPhone held it under my bag (to protect from the rain) and tentatively tapped the TramTracker icon… and the white circles rendered it dead. That was not what I expected. I was faced with a common dilemma experienced by West Prestonians – wait or walk. After waiting for an eternity (5 min) I decided to walk. When I finally got to my stoop, drowned rat and all, I went to pull out my house key which I expected to be in it’s little compartment next to my Myki card but alas it wasn’t there. That day was not how I expected to start my weekend.

Expectations shouldn’t be taken for granted. Just because we have a strong sense something will happen doesn’t mean it will. I realise, that it wasn’t necessarily a ‘bad day’, it was deemed bad because it hadn’t met my expectations.

With that in mind, I believe I owe an apology to ‘Rain’. What happened wasn’t her fault, I’ve portrayed her as a strong character in my ‘bad day’ even though that was one thing I had expected… the weatherman had forecast rain the day before.


Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/great-expectations/


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