DailyPost: Going Obselete


Of all the technologies that have gone missing in your lifetime which one do you miss the most?



Somewhere deep in the early 1990s a brown cassette player sleeps happily between a Garfield mattress and Care Bear wall dreaming of the next adventure. A young brown eyed girl comes running into the sunlit room and whisks the handle into the air as she runs flying down the country lane into a forest bursting in Spring.

Deep within the tree’s and brush she sets the player down on a fallen tree as she and her friends gather around spilling cassette tapes across the forest floor. The first treasures in their musical journey. They throw her new tape “Alisha’s Attic: The Incidentals” into its heart and the player starts playing echoing through the leaves. The little girls sit in a circle singing and dancing along.

They thought summers would be like this forever.

R.I.P Tape Player







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