Introducing Jasper…


If I had a super power it would be the ability to read dog’s minds. I would love to know what exactly Jasper was thinking when I took this photo.

Tucked into the corner of the black leather couch I had my iPhone aimed in his direction as he perched his long dangly King Charles Spaniel Cavalier legs over my mums resting arm as she attempted to have a nap. Above the sofa was my our little white terrier running along as if he were the night watchman on security rounds. Jasper looked up at him as if to say “…Nothing to report here sir”.

Jasper is the youngest of my canine siblings and isn’t as diligent to our security needs as his brother Ollie. Jasper is more inclined to stealthiness and has been labelled the family tea leaf. His favourite spot is the garden where he has many half-buried treasures. His second favourite spot is the corner of the aforementioned couch where he snores like a steam train roaring across old school England.



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