What if you were stuck on a desert island? What would you take?

In the true spirit of a 21st Century metropolitan woman my first thought was my iPhone – how impractical. As amazing as my phone is it would only give me a few days of juice and I’m guessing a desert island doesn’t have electricity. Although, I could take some solar panels with me and use that to power my phone… that way I could sit on my desert island and remain connected to the world via the satellites currently orbiting the world. Although that might require some knowledge of how my phone actually worked….

I’d also take my Harry Potter collection. That way when reality got too depressing I could just disappear into another world; that’s at least a weeks worth of distraction right there. Although I might need some tissues to get me through Dobby and Dumbledores death. I’m still not sure which one I’m sadder about.

I’d also take my journal and pens so I could write and draw my surroundings, documenting the moments as they happen and of course reflecting on the shoulda-woulda-couldas of my life before the island.

i’d also take the essential creature comforts… a tent and sleeping bag carefully nestled within the trees just off the shore, and a swiss army knife to ward off curious wildlife… plus it might come in handy when scourging for food.

Yup, if I were stuck on a desert island all I’d need is somewhere comfy to rest and my collection of HP books!


Thanks for reading! What did you think?

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