What if… you had super powers?

Todays ‘What If’ thought… What if you had a super power? What would it be?

At first I thought invisibility but then I already manage that. It’s pretty easy for me to go days without any contact with a human being… and no the internet doesn’t count. Then I thought, telepathy… but I’ve seen that movie and it looks like a major headache. Add the ‘babel fish effect’ of understanding every language in the world would only increase the brain-explosion-meter.

I like the idea of supernatural strength and endurance. Superman is my hero. If I had this power I’d start walking. I’d follow the Princes Highway over the mountains, through the pastures, along the coast and into the rainforests and desert looping around this giant island. Yes everything the world can offer can be found here. Viva Australia!

Or I could go for the humanitarian ‘healing’ super power because everyone loves to feel better and I love making people happy. Plus it would make doctors and  hospitals redundant saving the tax payer a lot of money. But then we’d have to deal with even more overpopulation which would increase demand for housing and cost of living making life impossible.

Time travel would defintely be a major contender, although not half as fun without a TARDIS.  I’d love to go back in time and see how people lived way back when for myself. Perhaps, I could get some answers to some puzzling family skeletons. Or I’d find a culture/society that is in sync with my way of thinking. I do often find myself getting lost in Jane Austen. Or I could recreate that scene from Blackadder and go back to Shakespeare and give him a big ol’ wallop on the back of the head for being so genius that I had to wrap my brain around ‘old english’ for most of my schooling life. Not to mention the school plays; “To be, or not to be…”

Although I’d have to say (being a big fan of Charmed) that I always admired the power of telekinesis. I could use that power right now. Its a single digit winter day and I haven’t turned on my heater yet because I was disillusioned by the blue sky and sunshine stringing through my window. Now, I am faced with the first world problem of being separated from my duvet while walking over the switch. If I had the power of telekinesis there would be no problem.  I’d also be able to keep my poor fingers inside my gloves and use my mind to type my blog.

It would be pretty amazing to have any of these super powers  but somewhere inside of me I can’t help thinking just the art of being human is a super power in itself. We as a species are capable of so much; relentless warriors filled with compassion and empathy. And the attribute that I am most proud of is our ability to rally around each other in times of disaster and show loyalty to our kinsfolk.

Humanity is the greatest super power of all.


Thanks for reading! What did you think?

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