My Mixtape

Remember that episode of Dawson’s Creek?

Joey had finally made it to Paris. She was standing in the street looking over to the Eiffel Tower, and she said “… I can’t swear this is exactly how it happened. But this is how it felt.”

Well, for todays 10min post I’d like to share perhaps some songs that represent how my life feels right now…

I’ll be there for you -The Rembrandts

From the 90s to now, every verse of this song feels like my life.

A Place in This World – Taylor Swift

I’ve never been the most ambitious of people, and even now at 31 I’m still trying to figure it out. Tomorrow is a mystery but it’s also an adventure. A chance to begin again.

Desree – Life

I’m realising that everything is a miracle, being here is miraculous, and life is pretty great when you stop and smell the roses.

The Care Bear Theme song (original)

Okay, I added this one in, to represent the dreamer in me and because it was my favourite cartoon growing up.

If you had to pick a song that represents your personality or life right now, here in October 2016, what would it be?


Thanks for reading! What did you think?

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