IKEA Fail & DIY Email

So… on Monday evening… there was a party in my oven that just got a little out of hand…


I wrote to IKEA to express my disappointment, only to have it deepened.

After mining through their website, I filled in a feedback form describing my experience, asking for acknowledgement of the safety of their products, and drew their attention to their inability to respond to social media.

The first response to my complaint was a copy/paste answer and suggestion to return it to the shop. It did not address any of my concerns.

Thank you for contacting IKEA.  In regards to your email, I am sorry to hear of the issue with your baking dish, please take both baking dishes back into store with your proof of purchase to the Returns and Exchanges desk, the co-workers will assist you with an exchange, store credit or refund.

Translation: I don’t care what you’re saying, let the store deal with it.

I’ve worked in customer service my whole life, and more recently online communications. The number one rule of customer service is listen to understand, not to reply. Clearly, the agent assigned to my email was simply reading to reply.

So I emailed her back, thanking for the reply, expressing my growing disappointment and pointing out her failure to address my concerns. I even retreated a little in my anger (or at least I thought I did):

Apart from the attached photo, I have no proof of purchase. I’d love to meet the person who keeps a docket for a baking dish!
You have not provided reassurance that your product is safe to use. Your quick judgement to return both implies that it is not. If that’s the case, should there not be a national public recall???
My assumption is that the product is safe and that my experience was unfortunate and rare. However, this does not provide me with confidence that I desire.
All I want is reassurance and an apology beyond a copy/paste answer.

Only to receive this:


Thank you for contacting IKEA.  In regards to your email, I apologise for the negative experience you had with the LYCKAD serving dish. After consultation with our kitchen co-workers, we would recommend that the cookware is safe provided the oven temperature does not exceed 220C.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service
IKEA Australia

Translation: I still don’t care. In fact, my lack of caring is so profound I’m not even going to type the 7 letters of your name.  But I’ll chuck in a factoid (which I seriously doubt this agent consulted anyone) to keep you quiet.

After speaking to a few friends about it… This is my public reply to IKEA… Ah hem..


Thank you for replying to my email.

While I appreciate your recommendation, the oven at the time of the incident was not in the vicinity of 220C – do modern ovens even get that high?

Sadly though my LYCKAD has been lost and in its demise adopted terrorist-like attributes by taking Monday’s dinner with it. See the above photo for “proof”. Your recommendation to bring it back to the store for an autopsy is unlikely, as I gave it an instant burial as any compassionate human would. 

I can’t express the grief this has caused, this fun size baking dish was my friend. We shared many nachos and small roasts over the month we had together, which are all now a distant memory, to painful to remember. It really was love at first sight. 

At the very least, you can acknowledge my humanity. At the most, you can replace the baking dish.



(aka Charlie A)